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Orlagh O'Brien


November 3, 2016

Launch of Tiny Kind Gestures Poetry Book at Cork University Hospital

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Thank you to all who came or sent best wishes and all the many who supported the project that brought Haiku creation to the Dialysis ward patients in Cork. What a wonderful celebration yesterday evening! So proud to have worked with these creative people on dialysis who are now poets!

We are thrilled to know that the haiku are still being created, a few of the poets brought in the latest work!

Thank you all for coming to this launch!! A wonderful way to celebrate this project that was supported by so many people. It’s been a journey of 2 years with a test phase and 2 rounds of funding. 

To you the participants who volunteered : you welcomed us and were so open to the project. You were so generous and open hearted. We are delighted with the poetry you created:it was a pleasure working with you. 

Joanne ( clinical nurse manager – but really “mama of the ward” ) and the staff team – Joanne was brilliant as she believed in the project from the beginning  We couldn’t have done it without her – she didn’t know who we were and she trusted us — and the staff’s silent but warm support while they were working in the background. 

Edelle Nolan – arts and health officer –  a link between two very different worlds.  Healthcare is such a complex environment: the culture is totally different than the art world. She supported us in navigating and sowing seeds in this other universe. She was the link to dialysis which was such a great idea. 

With support from her arts and health team Julianne and Caitríona in the arts department and the generosity of Aidan Warner HSE Arts and Health 

Cork city arts office and Maeve Dineen for initial advice over coffee to funding support.

Mary Grehan of the trailblazing Waterford Healing Arts Trust for writing the foreword that’s beyond expectation. Really brought it all together setting the scene in the imagination of the readers. And coming all the way from Waterford today 

The books were made here on site : staff and visitors were wonderful in contributing drawing the illustration with ink and a quill and general interest throughout the day. 

Mary Hassett for a wonderful article in the echo. Sharing the depth if this project with the 

Dr Liam Plan, National clinical director for Renal Services Ireland for coming today. 



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